About David Lee Frater

About David Lee Frater

I am an entrepenuerial small business founder with big hopes and dreams. My company, the Frater-Dabney Arms company is a general partnership firm between me, the senior partner and president, and my partner, Mr. Levi J. Dabney, Jr. Partner and Vice President.

The Frater-Dabney Arms Company is a specialty manufacturing and distribution (wholesale) firm dedicated to the needs of the Black Powder reproduction/re-enactment sports shooting/hunting/re-enactment hobbyist marketplace.We currently manufacture a line of high quality, low cost, pure lead, copper plated projectiles specifically for Black Powder reproduction firearms. We will be introducing a radical new bullet design in the near future, the Steve R. Salvo stackable bullet line. This revolutionary stackable bullet will allow the Black Powder hobbyist to stack interlocking bullet segments on top of each other during the loading process, allowing the hobbyist to taylor his load over a wide range of bullet weights for various purposes.

We will also be introducing, in the near future, man made ferrocerium flints, to be used by flintlock and wheel-;lock enthusiasts. Natual flints, which are what is exclusively used by these hobbyists, are expensive, somewhat unreliable, and require frequent “knapping” of the flints to keep the flints sharp and sparking. Our man made flints will spark much more profusely, last a great deal longer, fire much more reliably, nearly no mis-fires at all, and cost only a fraction of the cost of natural flints, which are all hand hewn, hand polished flints starting at about $7.00 a flint for the smaller, less reliable quality flints, up and up to as much as $40.00 for a larger, high quality agate flint. Our flints will retail at on or about $2.00 per flint, and never need knapping.

In addition to these things, our planned futures include, but are not limited to, producing our own line of high quality, low cost black powders, our own line of percussion ignition caps, fuses, paper cartridges, and early black powder metalic cartridges in rimfire, pinfire and centerfire designs.

Eventually, we will at some point, offer, high quality, low cost American Made reproduction gun kits, covering a wide variety of designs and styles.


David Lee Frater, President

The Frater-Dabney Arms Company

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